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Re-designing a workplace wellbeing app



Companion is a workplace wellbeing app that uses proven psychological tools and expert advice to help people manage everyday challenges, stress and anxiety.

Complete with 200 expert audio guides, covering over 40 different topics, as well as various breathing exercises – The app aims to give you the guidance, tools and support you need to handle even the most demanding days.

I worked with companion to improve on their existing product, building upon a small yet established userbase and improving the over UX/UI of the product.

I also spent a two week stint designing their website, helping to improve their marketing collateral and sign up journeys.

Illustration by Emil Paun

A tailored approach

As part of the onboarding journey, Companion will ask what's important to you, so it can tailor the home feed for your individual needs.


Content at your fingertips

Designed to give you access to everything you may need at a glance, the home feed is tailored to show your interests, surfacing content and excercises to help with your overall wellbeing.

Over 200 expert guides

Browse a library of over 200 expert guides, and explore over 40 different topics. View and bookmark your favourites, come back later and pick up where you left off.


Tried and tested tools

Users are able to consume the content via listening on expertly narrated audioguide or read through the chapters as text.

Choose from a range of breathing exercises to relax and reduce anxiety.

Go at your own pace

Your journal acts as a personal environment for you to manage a reduce stress at your own pace, with the ability to bookmark topics, guides and strategies.

You can also take part in thought reframing excercises and make notes to help you.



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