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AI scam detection at your fingertips


Norton Genie

Norton provides industry-leading antivirus and security software for your PC, Mac, and mobile devices. 

Genie is an industry leading AI-powered scam detection tool and is always learning, so every time you upload a suspicious text, email, or web address you’re helping make Genie smarter.

Based on an internal proof of concept – I was tasked (as part of a team at Else) to create a new identity and roll this out through an app, designed to monitor threats from spam emails and texts. Users can input an image or text into “Genie” and it would then scan this using open ai, to determine if it was a scam or not, offering information and advice on what to do next, in a chatbot style interface.

My role enabled me to work on everything from initial brand concepts through to UX and UI designs, ultimately assisting the developers for build.


Results in seconds

Upload a screenshot or input text. Genie can check if emails, social media posts, text messages or websites are scams.

Advice you can trust

Genie will detect possible scams in seconds, giving you tips and advice on what to do next, displayed as a chatbot style interface.


Dark mode > Light mode

The app was originally designed to display as a dark UI but following an internal brand decision we switched to allow the UI to adapt to the users phone settings. Internal brand later adapted this to appear light as default.

DarkUI_lo LightUI_lo

Scalable design

Although my focus was mainly on mobile UI, I also assisted in creating assets and ultimately files for delivery across multiple touchpoints.



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