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AI scam detection at your fingertips


Norton Genie

Norton provides industry-leading antivirus and security software for your PC, Mac, and mobile devices. 

Genie is an industry leading AI-powered scam detection tool and is always learning, so every time you upload a suspicious text, email, or web address you’re helping make Genie smarter.

This project won a Bronze medal for "Use of AI" in the BIMA Awards 2023 - More info here

As part of a team at Else, I developed a new identity and launched it through an innovative app designed to monitor threats from spam emails and texts. Leveraging an internal proof of concept, our team created "Genie," an app that uses OpenAI technology to scan images and text submitted by users to identify potential scams. Genie provides users with information and advice in a chatbot-style interface, helping them determine the legitimacy of suspicious messages and guiding them on the appropriate actions to take.

Scan image or text for threats

Genie checks if emails, social media posts, text messages or websites are scams.

We designed an avatar which acts as a visual metaphor for Genie’s Ai scanning technology. The avatar is the face of the product and features throughout, helping gain and maintain trust among users.


Results in seconds

We developed an intuitive chat UI centred around the Genie orb. This interface provides advice on what to do if the user has been scammed and what to look out for in the future, if a particular threat is deemed safe.

Genie can dig deeper if the user responds to multiple choice questions. Additionally, users have the option to enter freeform text for more personalized interactions.

Advice you can trust

To cater to a variety of scenarios, we designed a suite of modules that would display within the chat window, each tailored to provide the user with clear and concise information.


Scalable design

As well as the mobile UI designs for iOS, we also created designs across web. Building out assets and components for delivery across multiple touchpoints..


Project involvement

My role enabled me to work on everything from initial brand concepts through to UX and UI designs, ultimately assisting the developers for build.


- Agency side (Else)
- Creating initial concepts for brand
- Working with and alongside UX

- Interface and Interaction design

- Weekly sprints 

- Client presentations

- Prototype using Figma

- Design system delivery

Team & Timeframe

- 1 X Project Manager
- 1 X Creative Director
- 2 X User Experience Designers

- 2 X Interaction Designer

A comprehensive design system

We created a comprehensive set of design components that ensures consistency and efficiency from design to build.



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