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NOS formed as the merging of two of Portugal’s largest telecoms companies (ZON and Optimus). Their first product ‘Iris’ boasted a share of over 60% of the cable TV market. The follow up to be named ‘NOS Uma’ is aimed at offering a fresh and innovative cross platform service to its users.  

Whilst working at W12 Studios; as part of a team of three, I was tasked with translating the TV platform to iOS - from vision to delivery, applying brand to product and working with external engineers in order to bring 'NOS Uma' to life.


Applying brand to product

Created by Wolf Ollins, we took the brand and transformed it into something we could use as a visual language throughout the product. For example the spoke from the NOS logo forms the angle of the content grid and metadata area for tiles. 

Discovery & consumption

Built around the idea of discovery and consumption; the NOS UMA app provides a great companion to the TV product. Users are able to discover content via the app and either watch there or view via the TV.


Project involvement

As well as working on the TV product, I played a major role in the team that  translated the TV designs to mobile and tablet. As 1 of 3 product designers I was able to provide both UX and UI solutions as well as provide prototypes and motion journeys to the client.


- Agency side (W12 Studios)
- Visual design using Photoshop
- UX & Interaction design
- TV & Mobile Interface design
- UI Motion Journeys
- Client presentations
- Prototype using Invision
- Screen delivery via Avocode

Team & timeframe

- Weekly sprints 
- 3 designers + PM
- 2015 - 8 months


Showcasing the best free to view content from the NOS network.



Promoting live TV consumption, browsable by time or station.


Recorded content, organised by planned, most recent and genres.



Aggregating all purchased and purchasable content, supporting the full NOS VOD and SVOD catalogue.

Design delivery

In order to bring the product to life we worked with an external development company (Espial). We created a stylesheet, redlines and supplied photoshop files via Avocode.



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