Website design & production

Modular design for mobile & web


RedBull (dot) com is the gateway to Red Bull’s world. It provides updates, instant impact content and access to a space which spans sports, culture, music, social adventure and eSports.  

With 400 editors spanning 64 versions of our challenge was to provide a design system that helps to organise and provide content that can be easily distributed across languages and audiences.

Modular design

Page elements are presented as modular cards that can be rearranged and repurposed within collections and stories and applied to desktop, mobile & tablet.


Rich Content

Large imagery and video previews help to make content appealing for a broad audience. 

Adaptive design system

Design patterns on everything from content cards to image galleries and advertisement were supplied as an online style guide, to inform and aid the development team in build.


Project involvement

As one of the key members of the visual design team my responsibilites spanned multiple touch points; from UX to discussions on content strategy. I was also involved in user testing and design delivery to external developers.


- Visual Design using Sketch
- Mobile & web design
- Agency side (W12 Studios)
- Weekly sprints 
- Client presentations
- Prototype using Invision
- Screen delivery via Avocode
- Design system delivery

Team & Timeframe

- 5 designers + PM
- 6 months

Design delivery

A comprehensive design system was documented and delivered to external developers and a support phase was put in place, to enable a  swift design > build.



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