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Creating a hub for runners


Run Limited

Bringing together brands, clubs and individuals, by curating connections and putting people at the forefront of everything they do, Run Limited aim to curate and build a collective mentality
within the world of running.

Whilst working with design agency 'Active Matter' and colloborating with venture studio 'Friday&'; as part of a small team of 2-3 Designers, I was tasked with designing Run Limited's new website.

Centered around a 'Run Hub' – we created an ecosystem comprised of a map interface, where the user can browse various events, run clubs in their area, product launches and an e-commerce platform where users can browse and purchase exclusive products.

This role involved me creating the UX for the map interface and visual design for the entire website, translating the brand across all pages.

A hub for runners

Bringing together runners, product, run clubs and events - Run Limited aims to create a community for runnners by runners. The homepage aims to build brand awareness as well as showcase the latest events and product launches. 

Curated products

As well as creating a hub for runners to find run routes, run clubs and run events – the website also offers a curated selection of gear from favourite tried and tested brands.

Find a run club or event near you

Centered around an interactive map – The 'Run Hub' allows users to browse a number of events, run clubs, product launches and run routes.



Map interactions

Utilising the brand colours we created an interactive map that highlighted the 4 types of content showcased by Run Limited. Small interactions on the map make the hub page more intuative to use. 


A variety of content

The interactive map showcases 4 types of content (Run Routes, Events, Projects and Run Clubs). We designed the pages to adapt depending on the information needed for each type of content. These appear once the user selects a marker on the map.




Part of Run limited's offering is to provide limited edition products. This meant we needed to design a commerce section within the website. Built upon Shopify we created a variety of product pages to showcase each limited edition item. 

Testing interactions

We made prototypes to test interactions, particularly for the map element of the hub page and worked with the development team to make sure what we were creating was achievable in build.



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